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They say with Construction Contractors, you can only get 2 of the “Big 3:”

Quality, Speed Price.

With John MacDonald Insurance Company, you get ALL 3!

The most important thing to me, as a DUI Attorney, is SERVICE. Eric Ambrocio’s JMAC service is the best. I need my clients to be in good hands. What insured get with John MacDonald is ALL of the “Big 3″ delivered with personable service. Every one of my clients are so happy to do business with JMAC. It’s so comforting to me to know they are well taken care of. I honestly look forward to every time I recommend John MacDonald to a client. I enjoy my client’s unsolicited feedback, with a various assortment of superlatives always describing a positive experience. To know these drivers are saving money is a bonus. If you look up “Quality Automobile Insurance” in the Dictionary, you should see a photograph of John MacDonald’s Logo. – Rick Mueller, San Diego DUI Attorney

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