California DUI Resources


In California driving under the influence applies to any legal or illegal substance, such as alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, and prescription and over-the-counter drugs impacting a person’s mental state. Drivers of passenger vehicles can be charged with a DUI at 0.08% BAC, drivers of commercial vehicles can be charged at 0.04% BAC, and drivers under 21 can be charged at 0.01% BAC. Even the first conviction can result in an SR-22 filing and the need for California DUI insurance.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, you only have ten days to get assistance and take action to protect your license. At JMAC we can connect you with a local attorney to defend your rights. We can also start on the California DUI insurance requirements until your hearing is complete.

With the skyrocketing cost of living and working in California, savvy consumers look for opportunities to save money whenever possible. JMAC not only provides quick and easy applications for low-cost insurance; our company also works with clients on ways to reduce their liability and save money with long-term financial protection.


DUIs show on a California driving record for ten years, making shopping for auto insurance costly. The professionals at JMAC work with a number of companies that welcome applicants for DUI insurance. We can also help with SR22 insurance, which is the California requirement for demonstrating proof of insurance after certain violations. In many cases the cost of DUI insurance or SR22 insurance can be even less than the price of a standard policy.


Passenger vehicles in California must meet the state vehicle insurance limits of $15,000 for single-person injuries, $30,000 for multiple-person injuries, and $5,000 for property damage. A JMAC consultant can discuss discounts and deductibles that decrease premiums but keep the policy within state minimums. We can also talk about additional coverage, such as uninsured motorist protection or comprehensive coverage that minimizes risks while adding only a few dollars per month to vehicle insurance costs.


With the risk of wildfires, mudslides, and water damage, California Home Insurance is a necessity. JMAC can take the confusion out of shopping for Home Insurance by explaining the different policy types, detailing what coverage is essential, and locating the best insurance company to meet your family’s needs. We can also work with you on non-standard insurance, such as earthquake and flood policies.


California workers comp insurance protects businesses when an employee has an on-the-job accident or work-related injury. Any business that hires one or more employees, even on a part-time or temporary basis, must carry sufficient workers comp insurance. JMAC’s team can help you locate an insurer that is familiar with your industry, has doctors in your network, and provides easy access to claims adjusters.


California’s retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, offices, truckers, and contractors can all benefit from a general liability insurance policy. This contract provides financial protection against injuries or property damage occurring at your location, while using your products or services, and/or due to a contractual breach or employee negligence. General liability insurance is an investment in the unforeseen circumstances that come with running a business.

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