They say with Construction Contractors, you can only get 2 of the “Big 3:”


With John MacDonald Insurance Company, you get ALL 3! The most important thing to me, as a DUI Attorney, is SERVICE.

 - Eric Ambrocio’s JMAC service is the best. I need my clients to be in good hands.

Eric Ambrocio’s JMAC service is the best. I need my clients to be in good hands.

What insured get with John MacDonald is ALL of the “Big 3″ delivered with personable service.

Every one of my clients are so happy to do business with JMAC. It’s so comforting to me to know they are well taken care of.

I honestly look forward to every time I recommend John MacDonald to a client. I enjoy my client’s unsolicited feedback, with a various assortment of superlatives always describing a positive experience. To know these drivers are saving money is a bonus.

If you look up “Quality Automobile Insurance” in the Dictionary, you should see a photograph of John MacDonald’s Logo.

Rick Mueller

San Diego DUI Attorney

My name is Emily and I have been with you guys for about three years now. You guys have always had friendly customer service, but I feel that on Friday 01/17/14, your employee Maura Lockridge went above and beyond for me.

There was some sort of mix up with my SR-22 and I was really close to getting my license suspended for accidentally canceling it early, It was a really stressful time but Maura was able to calm me down and help me with everything. She stayed on the phone with me while she searched for the cheapest rate, making sure I knew she was still on the line with me since it took a bit of time. It was so comforting hearing her chime in with step-by-step play of everything she was doing.

As if that wasn’t enough, she went out of her way to help me with one more problem. I literally had hours to get everything sorted out with the DMV, so she expedited the process, and asked around the office to see what my best options were for getting it done on time. She ended up sending me a hard copy so that I could get it to the DMV that same day, and make sure my license would not get suspended. And she added that if I needed anything else, she would be in the office until 6pm that day. Then, this morning she followed up with me to make sure all went well.

People like Maura are hard to come by. She is an exceptional employee, and the perfect person to deal with people in these awful situations. I had called your office a nervous wreck, and by the end of the call, she had left me confident that everything would work out. With service like hers, I will be referring you guys to everyone. To the person who hired her, I applaud their decision! She is a wonderful asset to your company and her service deserves to be recognized.

- Emily

Thank you Andrew, You have been very helpful and patient throughout this whole course of action. I appreciate all of your time and effort. May you have a most excellent weekend and an even better life.

- Cindy

I wanted to thank you Maura, my service rep, for your excellent communication and concern for your customers primary interest. With your help, I was able to take care of this “surprise requirement” to extend Insurance coverage to Jan 11,2013. I just received a notice from DMV confirming reinstatement effective Dec 22,2012 (the final day). So your prompt action enabled this to happen and I wanted to express my sincere thanks for not allowing a miscommunication with DMV to turn into something worse. To confirm my current status with you, the $66.66 I have paid takes me through the Jan 11,2013 date with insurance coverage Thank you once again and have a very healthy and happy new year!

- Tom

John, you truly are the greatest. Just a wonderful, wonderful person. Joe and I treasure your friendship. As with everything in life, there is always a bright side. In the case of my daughter’s DUI, it was meeting you and May. God bless you both.

- Candy

I have been in contact with John MacDonald insurance company….I’m actually astounded at what they can do for me. Thank you so much for the reference! Going with those guys is quite literally going to save me thousands of dollars! AMAZING!

- Paul

Really really helped make my life better; I’m in a more positive place and very thankful. When you guys sent me the care package I was blown away. Such a nice gesture, especially from an insurance company who knows I messed up on the road!

- Neal

Dear Mr. MacDonald….You have restored my faith in humanity. I can’t express in words my gratitude for your call on Thursday. I apologize for the outpouring of emotions but it’s been very tough for me these past few months. I am THAT PERSON who finds wallets and returns them with everything in tact, who leaves her door open to whoever needs help, who gives, expecting nothing in return.

You are that person too, and for that, I am truly grateful. Please extend my gratitude to Alondra as well. You both are exceptional people.

With my sincerest appreciation

- Debra