Texas DUI Resources

Texas has one of the highest levels of alcohol-related fatalities in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While the legal limit for driving while intoxicated is 0.08% breath alcohol concentration or blood alcohol concentration, any law enforcement officer has the ability to pull you over if they suspect impaired driving. The first DWI conviction comes with a suspended license, a $2,000 fine, up to six months of jail time, and a requirement to carry Texas DWI insurance with continued SR-22 filings. Each additional conviction comes with stiffer penalties.

The JMAC agency can expedite your application for Texas DWI insurance and help you compare insurance companies for the most affordable rates. We can also put you in touch with legal advisors who may be able to save your license, teach you how to avoid harsher penalties, and help your case as you appear before the authorities.

JMAC connects Texans with affordable, service-driven companies for all of your vehicle, house, workers compensation, general business liability, and DWI insurance needs.


The SR22 insurance laws in Texas mandate that anyone whose license has been suspended or revoked must maintain insurance coverage for two years and file SR22 forms during that time. This practice is most often connected with DWI insurance, which can offset high policy costs from a DWI conviction. Drivers who fit into this category must show proof of SR22 insurance or DWI insurance set at 25/50/25 or higher limits.


Texas vehicle insurance minimums are currently set at $30,000 per injured person, $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage, but even these dollar amounts may not be enough to pay for expensive car repairs or medical procedures. The professionals at JMAC work on a case-by-case basis to determine your true insurance needs and match you with a suitable policy.


Even though Texas law does not require Home Insurance, anyone who owns or rents a house or condo should consider the financial benefits and peace of mind that come with a policy. Thousands of Texans have trusted JMAC to deliver the best Home Insurance and dwelling fire policies to their doorsteps.


Texas does not require a business to carry workers comp insurance, but a policy brings substantial benefits. Employers who purchase workers comp insurance receive immunity against most injury lawsuits, have expenses paid out of insurance premiums, and can meet financial obligations without bankrupting the business. JMAC works with a range of professional insurers who are licensed to operate by the Texas Department of Insurance.


Having the right general liability insurance is one way to support the growth of any business. Policies cover punitive and compensatory damages arising from an on-site accident, injuries or physical damage from goods or employees, attorney fees, court costs, and virtually all expenses associated with a liability lawsuit. If you want to minimize your risks and secure your business, JMAC can supply the general liability insurance you need.

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