Follow-Through and Continuous Support

Your world is anything but static, so why settle for coverage and support that’s not as dynamic as you are? As your needs develop and change, so should your insurance. When your life evolves your agent will work with you to review your current coverage, analyze risks, and amend or increase your policies upon your request. By purchasing your insurance policies through John Macdonald Insurance Service Inc., you also gain the added strength of our top-quality claims management. Should it ever be necessary, our knowledge and experience can help to expedite your claim and deliver a prompt, fair settlement

The coverage you need, the treatment you deserve

From start to finish we strive to earn your business and deliver the highest standards of industry excellence. Our combination of comprehensive coverage options and superior service for each and every customer has been the foundation for our success. We look forward to putting these building blocks to work for you and redefining the way you look at your insurance agency.

A Letter from the President

John MacDonald Insurance Service Inc. formed in August of 2002. We decided with over 30 years in the industry that it was time to change a few things.

We have developed many strong relationships with a select group of DUI attorneys as well as other court-based programs who have a core, referral base themselves and are very protective of who they allow in their “circle” as they, too, rely on the continued relations and referrals of current clientele. I’m proud to say that we have made the grade and then some.

We are able to have intelligent, informative conversations with our clients regarding what is in their best interest. Because we come so highly recommended, the client is able to place trust in us from the onset of our relationship. We are fiercely loyal to our carriers and clients.

With over fifteen years in business and thirty years in the industry, we have over forty thousand satisfied clients. We look forward to growing our client base and to building many long lasting relationships in the future.