Small Business Insurance

With a variety of coverage options and state laws to abide by, you need someone with superior insurance knowledge and expertise to help you secure the most effective large or small business insurance plan for your needs.

Generally speaking, the goal of doing business is to maximize profits, while continuing to lessen overall costs. This requires making strategic plans that account for anticipated expenses as well as outlining actions for accurately reinvesting the profits.

All in all, typical large or small business insurance packages can include a custom combination of these following coverage options:

  • Business Owners Policies (BOP)
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Property
  • Group Benefits
  • Professional Liability

At John MacDonald Ins., we understand the importance of having budget-friendly yet complete coverage in place, no matter how big or small your business enterprise may be. We take pride in the ability to identify the required state policies and suggest the most effective and affordable insurance solutions for your business venture.

Call John MacDonald Ins. to get a free coverage review and large or small business insurance quote. Let us help you better protect your business venture today.

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John MacDonald Ins. understands that the value of good motorcycle insurance does not become apparent until you really need it.

Whether it’s a minor fender bender or a more substantial accident, it pays to have motorcycle insurance coverage you can count on. Let one of our experienced motorcycle insurance specialists explain the different liability limits, comprehensive options, collision and personal injury protection options, medical coverage options and deductibles that are available for you to choose from. We offer affordable motorcycle insurance policies from reliable companies that will not raise your premium by 15% after the first year. We will get you the best policy at the most affordable rate.


Replace what is damaged or stolen with the help of renters insurance.

Renters insurance protects your belongings from losses such as severe weather, fire, lightning, explosion, theft, vandalism and water damage unrelated to natural floods.

Bear in mind, renters insurance excludes earthquakes, floods and normal wear and tear. For flood and earthquake coverage, you’ll need to purchase coverage separately.

Renters insurance can cover your living expenses if you are forced out of your home due to a covered disaster. 

Renters insurance can pay the extra costs of temporarily living away from your home if it is deemed uninhabitable due to a covered event. You can be reimbursed for temporary rentals, hotel expenses, meals and other living expenses incurred while your home is rebuilt or repaired. This type of coverage will vary between insurance providers.

Renters insurance also covers liability risks, which involves your responsibility to third parties injured on your property or elsewhere by you, a family member or a pet. The coverage may include legal defense costs and court settlements.

How much coverage do you need? 

Estimate the total value of all of the belongings you would want to replace in the event of a total loss. Creating an inventory helps make filing a claim easier. To do this, make note of all your valued possessions, their estimated worth, model or serial numbers, places of purchase, manufacturer information and any other important information. Include photographs in this document. Once complete, store the inventory in a safe location away from your home, like a safety deposit box.

Your landlord’s insurance only protects the building structure and common areas. It’s your responsibility to protect your belongings with renters insurance.©2017 John McDonald Insurance Service |